Needed: Some City Council Tweaking

I recognize that this is no time to be engaged in city government restructuring or anything that drains away money as we battle Covid-19 and salt away funds for operation of the train when/if it comes in. But we do have a future and there’s no harm in thinking about what it should be. One […]

What’s A Journalist?

There’s been a running dialogue going this week on Facebook between a contributor named Mike Burke and some other members of the community over the terms “journalist”and “journalism.” Burke feels that bias has crept into journalism and he puts part of the blame for that on those who are given space for opinions and observations […]

I Finally Come Clean!

I suspect most of us have been getting away from even basic good hygiene far too long — until The Virus came along. We avoided death but not always sickness. Our health was more a factor of chance and providence. Also, we have clean water, fairly clean fresh food, disease-resistant bodies and great health care. […]

Josh & Jean: #2s Don’t Always Play Ball by #1s Rules

That Civil Beat story of a dust-up between Gov. David Ige and Lt. Gov. Josh Green reminded me of Jean King’s time in the #2 slot and the frequent hard times between her and Gov. George Ariyoshi. The main issues are a bit different. King thought the governor made some seriously wrong moves such as […]

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