The Sneaky Marketing Of Salmon

Got my first-of-the-year pieces of Copper River salmon last week. At a small store with few customers and impressive disinfecting protocols. For many years, come fresh salmon harvesting in Alaska and I’m dashing to buy my $20-per-pound Copper River fillet. Gotta have it! It’s the best. People say so. Frankly, to me it tastes like, […]

Elizabeth Versus The Donald: I’ll Take Liz

I’ve never been a fan of kings and queens, even the British form of monarchy which leaves affairs of state nationally and internationally in the hands of a parliament and a prime minister. Monarchies strike me as pretentious, expensive and unnecessary. They perpetuate the perception of an elite leadership staffed by people of ancestral heritage […]

After This Virus

When (and if) this episode of the Covid-19 virus passes, will the Hawaii economy be left in hopeless tatters? That’s a fair question in light of nearly 20% of our state GDP coming from tourism, and the likelihood that many mainland and overseas people will be too financially shocked to consider a Hawaii vacation. There’s […]

We Need To Get Tougher

The photo below by the Star-Advertiser’s Dennis Oda was at Ehukai Beach Park. Social non-distancing. It matches what I saw yesterday on a moped ride past Queen’s Beach enroute to Makapuu and back for some fresh air. Many dozens of cars, people under canopies grilling and picnicking, beach groups. Like a normal Sunday. I saw […]

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