The Odds Are Stacked Against Caldwell

There is an obvious reason why no mayor of Honolulu ever becomes governor of Hawaii. Every voter on Oahu (where the most votes are) remembers if the mayor did not fix the big pothole on his or her street, even after several calls to City Hall. Every Oahu voter remembers if the grass and the […]

Mayor Choon? Mayor Marissa? Mayor Bob?

April 1st is for foolishness. Like me foolishly thinking after some celebratory retirement-from-TV drinks in 1994 that I could run for mayor. I envisioned Vote Bob signs on every lawn! But back then, voters demanded some political experience before a person tackled City Hall, 8,500 employees and a $2 billion operating budget. Not now. Political […]

Investing In The Time Of The Virus

I’d been handling investment of my family’s 401(k) monies for more than 40 years — very successfully, I can add — but early this year I moved everything under professional portfolio management at Fidelity Investments. Why? Because for most of those 40 years, moving the invested money into the right mix of stocks and bonds […]

Why Hawaii Won’t Vote GOP

It’s no secret that I am anti-Trump, and if I were in  government employ I’d be one of those “Deep State” people dragging his feet when told to carry out patents;y ridiculous directives. No, on second thought I’d  quit. I have this underlying sense-of-duty that if you work for the federal government you also work […]

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