Pull Those Combat Troops Back

Whomever you vote for as the next White House occupant, I hope you’ll first ask if he & he, or he & she, will get our soldiers, Marines and airmen/women out of Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Those complicated sandboxes present problems that cannot be “won” or even brought to a draw. There’s too […]

When Elephants Fight

It’s been hilarious for me and embarrassing for the Hawaii Republican Party to observe the brash, uncivil, email slugfest between factions of the local establishment GOP and those outliers who call themselves the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA). The latter was started by Eric Ryan, who seems to have disappeared off the stage. But HIRA is […]

Tourism: It Nourishes, Then Devours Us

The talk of the town these days seems to be: how do we tamp down the don’t-tread-on-me tourism business that feeds so many mouths but overruns our roads and beaches and hiking trails such as Diamond Head? We never developed anything to economically replace it. It’s that and all the military construction and ship repairs. […]

The Yeas And Nays Of Online Schooling

In the news this week: the UH,  Chaminade and financially-strapped HPU will be re-starting some in-classroom courses this coming semester. There is certainly some risk in that at this point in the pandemic, but most students are young and healthy and probably can survive a minor COVID infection. The professors? Not so young! There long […]

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