The House That Never Gets Built

Many people, and especially those engaged in some kind of business, bemoan government regulation. I’m not in business but I tend to agree that sometimes government goes overboard with regulation. Much of my unhappiness over the years has been with building-permit regulation. There’s either too little of it — too few inspectors for too much […]

To Open Or Stay Closed? That Is The Question

Covid-19 US death toll keeps rising with states reopening and more people moving around. CNN 5/10/2020 If Gov. David Ige were to appoint me to head a Re-Open Hawaii Task Force, there would be a few happy entrepreneurs, a lot of unhappy ones, and he’d be physically removed from office. Our economy would go through nearly […]

Knuckleheads Or Covidiots?

One of the reasons Hawaii might have a hard time burying this new coronavirus is that we have a large population of young people and the young people I’m seeing most days on my outdoor rounds don’t seem to give a hoot about social distancing or mask wearing. They have an “it won’t get me” […]

I Hope They Said: “Adiós, Suckers!”

There was the Outrigger Canoe Club, and then there was the Women’s Auxiliary of the OCC. That was the early 20th Century. The woman did much of the club organization and the books and the “women’s stuff.” The men drank, played cards, surfed and canoed, and had a helluva good time. The women kept their […]

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