“Ham Handed” And “Entire Limp Life”?

There’s a wave of criticism of Gov. David Ige’s handling of the coronavirus invasion that I’ve resisted riding. He’s been getting whacked by mainland commentators on politico.com, by a number of local Facebook posters, and by the two primary Star-Advertiser columnists who get to display their opinions on the news pages rather than the traditional […]

Story Update: Breitbart News

On May 5, I posted a story to make the point that Breitbart News isn’t really news — it’s right-wing, pro-Trump propaganda that calls itself “news” to suck in unsophisticated readers. I had featured one of its prime “reporters” and “editors”, John Nolte. But today, Breitbart published a much better example of what was Nolte […]

The Rest Of The Story …

Rudy Puana is a local doctor, skilled anesthesiologist and pain manager from Kahaluu, Oahu. Chris McKinney is a local writer, author of 6 books, columnist at MidWeek, and also from Kahaluu. Recognize those names? Puana is on bail awaiting an August trial on multiple counts of drug selling and has told the FBI he was […]

A Plain Stupid Remark

It was the most stunning statement of Hawaii’s relatively short encounter with a virus that’s damaged our economy and killed 17. National Guard Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hara, state adjutant general and head of our COVID-19 response team said: “If we let the economy go the way it’s going, I feel there will be significant civil […]

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