The Record-Unsolved McDonald Case

Remember this case of 44 years ago this month? Probably not. The disappearance of Robert “Robby” McDonald, 22, of Pupukea, who was suspected of being the victim in a drug deal gone bad. It may be our most long-time unsolved case of a  Hawaii person detectives said is presumed to be dead. He had told […]

A Civil Beat Slip

Want to see a perfect example of invasive bad journalism blooming in Honolulu? Read todays Civil Beat article entitled The Governor Who Cannot Govern. It’s the best example I’ve seen lately ( outside of Breitbart News) of attack writing by way of omitting sources. That’s when people are granted anonymity to badmouth politicians or policies. […]

A Dose of Intellectual Anarchy

The building is called the Oceanit Center and is at 828 Fort Street Mall. At the top floor is Oceanit Laboratories and the office of founder Patrick Sullivan, an engineering Ph.D. from the UH. It is staffed by scientists and engineers. Claims to have some $500 million in secured funding. Cites as mentors the local […]

The Covid-19 Guessing Game

It’s pretty hard to fault either our governor or the mayors for their shelter-in-place and shut-things-down approach to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been a learning experience for everyone from the CDC on down.  You do what expert advisers and your own good sense tell you seems right. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Plus, as […]

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