“Housed” People Have Rights, Too

Many in my liberal-minded universe appear to be adverse to those “sweeps” of the homeless encampments on public property,  the “sit/lie” laws the City Council is expanding to cover parts of Iwilei as well as Waikiki, and the antagonism of downtown and Chinatown merchants who’ve quit being sympathetic toward squatters who use their overnight entryways […]

Protected Attack Dogs

Not very long ago, I took Honolulu Civil Beat to task in this space for allowing anonymous attack-dog hits on Gov. David Ige’s style of governance. It’s one of those issues in journalism that never goes away. Reporters can get the most marvelous scoops so long as they agree not to say who slipped them […]

Not Making It Great Again

I wonder if President Trump realizes he has a runaway national security situation on his hands and that it’s soiling what’s left of his political reputation. The virus, the damaged economy, the almost-unrecoverable debt we’re piling up, the poor relations with many of our traditional allies, withdrawal from one treaty with Iran and now preparing […]

Life In The Months (Years?) Ahead

Here’s the question on many people’s minds as they sample some tastes of normal life during this Covid-19 pandemic: We will ever have a fully normal life in the next few months or even the next few years? There is no good answer unless our labs quickly come up with a blockbuster vaccine. There are […]

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