“Keep True To The Dreams Of Your Youth”: Friedrich Schiller

I’m okay with turning 85 years old tomorrow. I see all those obituaries of people in their 70s. You know — that Billy Joel song — “Only The Good Die Young.” True, I no longer jump out of airplanes. No longer fly them, either. Not racing J-Class boats at Keehi Lagoon or diving for black […]

Special Sunday Report: Let Them In, But With Some Fix-Ups

One of incoming President Joe Biden’s first executive orders will end the Trump ban of travelers from predominantly Muslim countries. I know a lot of you in this liberal state with a heavy history of in-migration of Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos and Pacific Islanders got your dander up each time Trump unveiled a new anti-immigration policy. But the […]

Divided We Stand. United? No Way!

There’s an alarming, growing wave of Americans who distrust and/or dislike government, both national and state. Politicians and pundits keep repeating that “We are all Americans. We will come together.” No we won’t. There are too many powerful divisive matters to be so simply overcome by nationalism. California is too big for its government britches […]

Beware The Urge To Censor All Speech You Don’t Like

Some recent headlines in the news: Faculty Calls on Chapman U. to Fire Prof Who Spoke at Trump Rally. National Association of Realtors Board Moves to Control Professional and Private Speech of Members. Facebook Blacklists All Content Mentioning ‘Stop the Steal’. Let’s give some thought to the new era in which so many people are […]

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