What He Should Have Done

Chris Wallace of Fox News was a failure as a moderator on last night’s “debate” by President Trump and Joe Biden, Jr. He let that program devolve into total chaos in which we viewers couldn’t understand much about candidates’ positions because they talked right over one another on open mics. Even more aggravating was that […]

It’s Not About The Raceway, Senator

It was one of the more preposterous suggestions by a Hawaii lawmaker — right up there with the one some years back proposing that government workers be given mid-day napping time. This one from State Sen. Kurt Favella, Republican of Ewa Beach & Iroquois Point. Maybe fatal crashes like last Thursday’s smash-up on Fort Weaver […]

Ich bin der Führer einer großen Bewegung

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth. I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty.” – Adolf Hitler Yes, it’s over-the-top to compare President Trump to Adolf Hitler.  Hitler could do whatever he wanted. Trump’s executive orders are constrained by courts. I just couldn’t resist […]

Drawing A Blank In The Mayor Election

It’s my intention right now to leave the Honolulu mayor section on my General Election ballot blank. It will be the first time I left any ballot choice blank since the old days when I really didn’t know squat about any of the OHA candidates — when non-Hawaiians were first cleared to vote in that […]

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