I’ll Have A Grilled Cheese And Three Mai Tai

The scuttlebutt reached me while I was out of Honolulu — spending a week in the country. My occasionally-visited hole-in-the-wall tavern supposedly was going to open this past week as a restaurant and bar. The restaurant part, according to the info passed my way by a habitué, was to be  grilled cheese sandwiches which had […]

Do We Really Need An Air National Guard?

It’s a question that’s long intrigued me. There’s no question we need an Army National Guard, a ground force which state governors can call up for emergencies or in times of civil unrest which local police cannot handle. But a state air force? With squadrons of very expensive and costly-to-maintain aircraft (except in Puerto Rico […]

Read This Story. Then Get Mad.

Do you want to know how many Hawaii children are homicide victims — that is, killed by their parents, a relative or a friend of one of those? The National Center for Health Statistics publishes every known cause of child death that’s reported by Hawaii’s child protective agency and Health Department. So you look under […]

Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work

I don’t recall this ever being up for serious discussion in Hawaii, but would it make more sense to let governor candidates choose their own LG running mates rather than having to accept whichever one wins a separate primary race? Eight states do that, so apparently it’s not a rite of great national popularity. It […]

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