Why Can’t #1 Pick #2 In Hawaii?

I wasn’t around back then to know exactly how this happened, but Hawaii’s writers of the state constitution decided we should elect lieutenant governor nominees to run in the general election with their party’s governor nominee. And they should always be of the same party. They probably thought that was more democratic than the U.S. […]

Will It Survive This Life-Threatener?

My MidWeek arrived and (no pun intended) it was paper thin. The plethora of ad inserts was missing. So were the columns by paid writers. Me, Dan Boylan, Jade Moon, Michelle Malkin and Pat Buchanan among them. I was called almost a week ago and told that all of us paid contributors were forthwith suspended […]

Can Oshima Fix What’s Broken?

I’ll borrow here from the old KGMB-TV theme song, with a slight change: “One of the NOT good things about Hawaii” has been its all-eggs-in-three-baskets approach to economic well being, and a stultified political class (Democrats) that resisted change where it interfered with the visions of union leaders. Quite a mouthful, yeah? So I momentarily […]

Will The Virus Kill Trump (Politically)?

(CNN)The chaos and confusion rocking President Donald Trump’s administration on the most tragic day yet of the corona virus pandemic was exceptional even by his own standards. There are a couple of ways to read the tea leaves of this coming 2020 presidential election. One is that Trump supporters will overlook any slips he’s made in handling […]

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