Kim Jong Un Will Not Like This Book!

Kauai Community College professor Gregory Shepherd certainly knows how to get a book off to an engaging start. “Raise you hand if you would like to die today.” And he’s not an English or writing teacher. His fields are music and theater. His book is Sea of Fire, a novel about the hair-trigger confrontation that is […]

We Got Screwed On Ferry Service

The 2020 National Census of Ferry Operators is currently being conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. It collects facts on routes, passengers & vehicles carried, and funding sources. The census doesn’t include us. We have no ferry service — maybe the only substantially-inhabited island entity on the planet without that. We have Young […]

My Brother, The Cop

My name is Ken Jones. I’m Bob’s brother. I spent 27 years on my hometown police department, starting in 1974 as a patrolmen before being promoted to sergeant and finally plain clothes detective before retiring. A little about my and Bob’s hometown.  Vermilion is in northern Ohio,  on the shore of Lake Erie.  It is your […]

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