How Many Tourists = Too Many Tourists?

Nothing so well approximates Hawaii’s over-tourism story as the crush of people that had blemished the Croatian walled city of Dubrovnik in my two times there. But their leaders didn’t say, as our Tourism Authority chief recently did,  well, we’ll have to wait and see how many visitors we want, be it 8 million or […]

Is It Sacred, Abused Or Even Necessary?

The retired Army colonel and local activist Ann Wright wants the state to end the use of Pohakuloa lava lands on Hawaii Island as a military training area that includes live fire. Hawaii already has retired the Navy and Air Force from bombing Kahoolawe island and dismissed the Army from Makua Valley live fire on […]

Don’t Throw Out Baby With The Bathwater

You’d do well to ignore today’s editorial call in the Star-Advertiser for term limits on the Honolulu Prosecutor. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to the bad behavior of former deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha and the sense that chief prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro expended too little supervision of her activities or maybe even was party to some of […]

What? You No Like Me?

Two of our town’s opinion columnists have soundly slammed Gov. David Ige for allegedly not being the leader we need. Writers David Shapiro and Lee Cataluna haven’t quite called Ige an incompetent idiot, but they’ve come close. Meanwhile, some senators and State House members of his own party have chosen more diplomatic language with which […]

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