Special Report: Covid. Where? Who? Riskiest Groups?

The State Health Department has been very good about putting out updated statistics on our Covid infections, with excellent graphics. But I suspect few people bother to work through the charts and graphs posted online. Most people I talk to wonder about the riskiest age group, or what island districts seem to have the most […]

It’s “Kick The Can” Time Again In Hawaii

It’s one of the things our governors and state lawmakers have been very good at in the tough years of the Iraq War, the 2008 recession, and now with the Covid pandemic: kick that unfunded liabilities can further down the road. Gov. David Ige is using mainly guesswork about revenue for his 2021 supplemental budget. […]

Special Sunday Report: Looking Back After Thinking It Over

I didn’t write anything this past week about the happening in D.C. There was a surfeit of writers on the topic, and I wanted to let my own thoughts marinate for a while in my brain juices before I committed them to the public domain. Yes, it was a stain on our impression of ourselves […]

This Is NOT The Time For A First-Responder Strike

All employees are entitled by federal law to organize as union members and press for better wages, benefits and working conditions. The employers generally push back. Most of the time, some accommodation is reached. When it isn’t, there likely will be a strike. The nurses at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children say they […]

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