For Now — But The Virus Is Sneaky

I’m with those such as my friend Vera, who’s very nervous about letting 10,000+ people a day into the state under the new pre-test-or-quarantine rules. But I know people need jobs, businesses need revenue, the state and the city need tax money and our Constitution (Article IV and the 14th Amendment) doesn’t allow any state […]

No Trump, Thank You

You don’t have to be a Democrat, an Independent or a mean person in order to say “no way will I vote for a second terms for Donald J. Trump.” I’d like to think that even those who’ve steadfastly disagreed with me here and on Facebook would at the very least keep their presidential votes […]

Life In The Time Of Pandemic

The title of today’s column is a liberty I’ve taken with one of my favorite books by Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Love In The Time Of Cholera. We are living in what feels like a long time of Covid-19, may spend a chunk of our lifetimes with it or one of its evolved offspring, and then […]

Ko Olina Caves

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell needs a little voters’ approval booster — currently at 28% in a Civil Beat poll —  and maybe this will help. Ko Olina Resort and the Ko Olina Community Association tossed in the towel and gave up the fight to close off  its lagoons to the general public and reserve them […]

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