We Are More Than A Tourist Playground

Re-opening Hawaii to it’s tourism golden egg is going to send cheers through those who own hotels restaurants, shops and tour operations. It’s going to be a tough sell for Gov. David Ige among those not connected directly to the tourist dollar and have grown disenchanted with 35,000 outsiders on our beaches and roads every […]

This Property Owner Can Afford $83.33 A Month

There’s a bill under consideration in the Honolulu City Council that should be a shoo-in in this time of dangerously low public revenue and trying to spread property taxes across the ownership spectrum, based on assessment and ability to pay. I look at it as very similar to others to charge a higher property tax […]


Well, maybe the Continental Congress meant those “created equal” words in a scientific rather than a sociological sense. At the moment of “creation” — either when the single sperm penetrates an egg in the Fallopian tube or when a child is born — there’s equality. Inequality quickly sets in. The better off mother gets the […]

A Book For Gov. David Ige

There’s a faint smell of animosity toward Gov. David Age out there among the citizenry. Nothing like the odoriferousness that attached itself to Neil Abercrombie in his first (and only) term or Linda Lingle in her second. This one is similar to the case of Jeremy Harris when he moved from his mayor’s assistant office […]

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