Are We All Racists Deep Inside?

Many people, I’m sure, have asked themselves this question: Is some  racism built into our DNA or at least is it something we acquire through reading, personal experience or family tradition? It’s been more than two decades since three social psychologists invented the Implicit Association Test that said we Americans favor white over black, young […]

Nice Guy But Not A Gifted Leader

The good news from Gov. David Ige’s point of view is that he has two years left in his term in which to craft a legacy. The bad news from the citizens’ point of view is that David Ige will be governor for two more years. Why is that bad news? He’s a nice man, […]

Special Thursday Report: Undoing What’s Been Done.

In his first 6 hours in the Oval Office, new President Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders. A passel of them reversed the executive orders of former President Donald Trump. Some dealt with immigration and oil-delivery or drilling programs — DACA, the Mexico border wall,  the Keystone Pipeline, and the Arctic Wilderness Reserve. You could […]

“Welcome Back To D.C., Joe.”

Sure there was some fraud and cheating. People cheat. At cards. On college admission applications. For welfare payments. Even 59 West Point cadets cheated on a calculus exam. Voter cheating is done by Democrats and Republicans, so they cancel each other out. You won, Joe, by about 7 million legit votes. Now comes the hard part. […]

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