Researching and writing this column six days a week makes me a bit of a slave to my computer and the internet. I’d like more time for my YMCA gym-and-swim, some long moped rides deep into Oahu neighborhoods I’ve never visited, more visits to the Uluniu Swimming Club cottage in Laie, and some leisurely travel if Mr. Virus ever goes away.

So I’m dialing back the Bob Jones Report to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other days only if events seem to demand some quick pushback. Such as Donald Trump leading an army of Texans in an assault on the White House!

Also, that day between columns will give readers more time to digest my facts and opinions and compose thoughtful comments. Right now, readers have barely ingested one of my columns before a new one appears.

This is a demanding hobby, being a publisher, editor and writer. I’m always mindful that what goes out on the internet stays there forever. So I try to avoid serious mistakes (an occasional misspelling or improper grammar don’t count) and appreciate it when a reader finds an error, alerts me, and I can do an edit-correction for the record.

You’re my reader audience. If you click on “subscribe” you’ll get an email alert when a new column appears. It’s free so far. I’ve been reluctant to mess it up with advertising.

The Report gives me much more freedom to explore sensitive topics than I ever got at MidWeek. There, I had to keep advertisers’ sensitivities in mind. Also parents who apparently didn’t want their children too learn too much. Or adults who didn’t want their set ideas challenged.

The Report gets great readership. Does it change anything? Maybe not right away. But it’s one engine for revving up people’s set conceptions of the world around us.

Please set aside some Monday, Wednesday, Friday reading time.


Published by Bob Jones

Journalist since age 19. St. Petersburg Times, Noticias y Viajes in Madrid, Overseas Weekly in Frankfurt and Paris, the Louisville Courier- Journal, the Honolulu Advertiser, KGMB-TV, NBC News foreign correspondent in Africa and Southeast Asia, and MidWeek columnist. LL.B LaSalle University Law. 3 years in the U.S. Air Force. Covered: Biafran War in Nigeria (1968) Vietnam War (1969-73), Iraq in 1991. George Foster Peabody Award for distinguished journalism for reporting in China. 2 Emmys for documentaries. Married to journalist Denby Fawcett; one daughter. Brett Jones, foreign service officer, State Department.

8 replies on “Dialing Back The Frequency But Not The Content”

  1. Good move. Quite a few times I wanted to respond the day after thinking it over, but another column on a different subject was already published.

  2. Understandable! Unaware, maybe, of skill it takes to crank out a daily WordPress worth following. Impossible for the mere typing mortal.
    1x/week might be attainable by most. Exercise and exploration will produce more news. Go for it!!

  3. Enjoy your time off, nothing like time to yourself and taking the time to smell the roses.

  4. With the vaccine giving us hope and Trump finally leaving, there is no better time to take a deep breath and enjoy life! Enjoy Bob!

  5. C’mon Jones, new mayor – advisor needs. You are called.
    Lets look at Rick’s honey-do list.

    10. Solve train, pollution and homeless with meth powered “Rick”shaws.

    9. Find top Hawaiian scholars to translate Blangiardi into Hawaiian.

    8. Rename Kapolei Second City Little Lulu.

    7. Find Rick a second job preferably in banking.

    6. Have Lifeguard Service add Official Bikini Watcher Division.

    5. Weather and traffic every 10 minutes!

    4. Think up new security detail name. (“Da Numba One” taken by Mufi.)

    3. Write up bouncy, catchy jingle.

    2. Get a pair of cute sock puppets for Rick’s “talking” hands.

    1. Take out that god awful palaka wallpaper and linoleum from the mayor’s office.

  6. Regarding Hank Chapin’s comment, I, too, have thought about comments I want to express, and got to submitting them a day or more after one of your columns appear. I notice you allow comments up to about a week after a column appears. Probably only you will read a comment submitted a day or days after a column appears unless some of your readers check back to previous columns, but at least Hank will still have a chance to comment.

    Like the other commenters, I’m glad you’re scaling back on frequency of columns. Frankly, you’re hard to keep up with! Understandable how time consuming research and writing are. Great that you are taking more time off to enjoy life.

  7. Ono idea, Bob: Swimming is good for the heart and the soul. Enjoy..but please wear hat helmet on the motorbike.

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