Gerard Baker is a Brit who was editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal, was removed by owner Rupert Murdock, and became editor-at-large — that means you can write about whatever interests you.

What interests Baker is persuading Americans to avoid Democrats because they spend too much on trains, roads, healthcare and welfare programs, and don’t favor low taxation of corporations and wealthy people.

His most recent WSJ op-ed was “Good Riddance To The Resistance.”  He means Democrats won’t have Trump to kick around any more, just as that happened when Richard Nixon boarded his helicopter to obscurity after Watergate.

He’s an unhappy man. “For four years the bulk of the Democratic Party, a good deal of the permanent government and almost the entire cultural establishment of the country has treated the Trump presidency as an occupying enemy.”

Well, yes, but not because the White House occupant was a Republican. Because the White House occupant struck many Americans as something of a nutcase and enormously as a narcissist. A man you’re terrified to have a finger on the nuclear button.

But to try and save this man’s reputation, Baker tries to trash our entire election this way:

“It seems that the Democratic officials and Democratic-appointed judges in the critical states used the pandemic as an opportunity to bend rules and decade-long norms of voting procedures to maximize turnout in ways that favored their party.”

Wow! So our elections are, like those in South America, shams? Maximizing turnout of voters is a no-no? I thought it was the other way — that every qualified American should vote and if anything we should somehow penalize those who fail to exercise that civic duty.

I have friends in what Baker considers the “deep state.” They are not the resistance. They honor the code that they work for whomever is in the White House. Their personal disagreements do not matter. They do what our President says he wants done.

Did many people want Trump out of there because he’s a low-intellect Lumpkin? Yes. Would people support him against some belligerent nation intent on harming the U.S., such as Iran or North Korea? Yes and yes again. We are, where the rubber meets the road, Americans.

Maybe Gerard Baker’s British upbringing fails to understand that. England always has been working through a “resistance” from Scotland and Ireland. There’s never been a true United Kingdom.  Just a Convenience Kingdom.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia may be what we call “swing states” this year, but they are American states first. That Mississippi GOP legislator calling for seceding joins the Nutcase Brigade.

And finally, this “news’ story from Breitbart News:

“Wall Street and the biggest banks in the United States, after spending a fortune to unseat President Trump, are getting key spots in Democrat Joe Biden’s transition team that he has devised before the presidential election is certified.” 

The other side’s “resistance” seems to have started.


Published by Bob Jones

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3 replies on “He’ll Stick With The Deep State Story”

  1. I think that in Iran, N. Korea, and possibly other countries, the US is the belligerent country, it has done so much harm to human life and the environment. I wish that I could feel good about Biden/ Harris, but Biden has long been a part of the Democrat Demise of the Nation.

  2. Again I’m in Patty’s camp.
    It was a pr stunt to easily and simply bash Trump when he was statistically more against conflict/war than the incoming.
    Money invested in military is dragging on the backside of all presidents, as #34 Eisenhower stated.

  3. Bob, as I asked before…why should anyone care what this Brit loser has to say? Clearly, if Murdoch moved him out of a position of trust at the WSJ, he’s not worth our or your time.
    And, the United Kingdom is not exactly famous for breeding believers in “honest” democracy or respect for the “people”.

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