You don’t have to be a Democrat, an Independent or a mean person in order to say “no way will I vote for a second terms for Donald J. Trump.”
I’d like to think that even those who’ve steadfastly disagreed with me here and on Facebook would at the very least keep their presidential votes tucked away this year. I’m presuming they’d go for “nobody” rather than Joe Biden.

I’m not a Trump hater because I don’t “hate” anyone. I dislike some people. He’s one. That has nothing to do with his complicated love life or what he’s supposed to have said about dead U.S. service members. My issue is that I find him to be incompetent to run the country with input from experts, dignity and long-range planning. It’s all about him. He’s failed us because his main exercise of power has been to get himself re-elected.

  • He badly bumbled Covid-19 combat. Yes, it took some time, probably until March, for the experts to realize how infectious the virus is. But as Trump admitted in a taped interview, he didn’t want to panic us once he knew. He found masks to be “unmanly.” He said we should not worry; this, too, shall pass.
  • He’s gone a bit off his rocker with recent statements such as that Kamala Harris is a communist who plans to take over the presidency as soon as she and Joe Biden are elected.
  • He wanted Obamacare gone, even though his party has never put up a replacement healthcare plan. I suspect he didn’t like the name. What about that crucial coverage for people with pre-existing conditions? No problem. He signed an executive order making it an insurance requirement. Oops. You can’t tell private insurance companies what to cover via executive order. Only Congress has that power. The executive order is worthless.
  • He is not a long-range policy planner. That’s because he can only be in office for 8 years. So we get serious tax cuts both for businesses and we who filed individual federal taxes. But that cuts back revenue and means there’s not enough money to invest in our aging infrastructure. The average age of every bridge in American is 43 years. This reminds me of Hawaii back when state government plucked money from the road funds to do other things and left the current government with all those pot-holed roads and constant water-main breaks.
  • This statement from GOP Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska: “The way he kisses dictators’ butts, I mean, the way he ignores that the Uighurs are in literal concentration camps in Xinjiang right now. He hasn’t lifted a finger on behalf of the Hong-Kongers.”
  • This statement from retired Marine general and former White House chief of staff John Kelly: “The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it’s more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life.”
  • He’s a danger to our national security because of his Duterte-like rudeness to our allies’ leaders. Duterte is the Philippines president who embarrasses his country by calling others nasty names and authorizing police to go out and execute criminals/drug dealers-and-users. Trump has alienated the Germans, the French and the British.
“Go get ’em”  president Duterte gunning for criminals
  •    His #1 debate performance made America a laughing stock country. Biden should have said “Have you no decency, sir?”

No, Biden’s not perfect, is a bit old for the rigors of the job and thought to be not quite progressive enough to get us moving in new directions. He is unlikely to work economic miracles — maybe nobody can until the virus is long gone. But he’s more of a “normalization” guy at a time when some of our lunch is being eaten by China.

But we’d see dignity restored and that counts a lot. He’d wear a mask to set an example. He’d get us back in tune with NATO, maybe even Iran. He’s work to improve the World Trade Organization, not slam it. He’d rejoin a Pacific trade hui and he’d mend our damaged immigration policy.

That’s okay by me.



Published by Bob Jones

Journalist since age 19. St. Petersburg Times, Noticias y Viajes in Madrid, Overseas Weekly in Frankfurt and Paris, the Louisville Courier- Journal, the Honolulu Advertiser, KGMB-TV, NBC News foreign correspondent in Africa and Southeast Asia, and MidWeek columnist. LL.B LaSalle University Law. 3 years in the U.S. Air Force. Covered: Biafran War in Nigeria (1968) Vietnam War (1969-73), Iraq in 1991. George Foster Peabody Award for distinguished journalism for reporting in China. 2 Emmys for documentaries. Married to journalist Denby Fawcett; one daughter. Brett Jones, foreign service officer, State Department.

10 replies on “No Trump, Thank You”

  1. Well stated, Trump is despicable! Biden not that appealing, but it is what it is and America is n deep Kimchee!

      1. So you pick reply responses from readers to print to make yourself look good? My Korean Lawyer daughter- in- law might have an opinion. I know that I do.

        1. No. Just Sayin’ and George S. have had their shots at me. I just try and eliminate egregiously offensive names or characterizations (“you shithead” probably won’t clear my loose censorship. I also trash comments that con’t contribute anything to the issue or say “that’s good” or “that’s bad” without explaining why. And even some of my friends (Larry Barr, Bob Pritchard) have had at me when they strongly disagree. And that’s good.

      2. “Deep kimchee” is only offensive to transplants from the People’s Republic of Portlandia and a few other intolerant academic types who would probably like it there (until they get ostracized for something or other that the self-important cultural revolutionaries can construe as offensive).

        To most of us in Hawaii, it’s just a dated local slang expression that’s not quite as funny as it used to be.

        But it’s pretty hilarious that you sprung this on Pious Progressive Pouting Patty, of all people. And that was likely to point.

  2. One hopes that Biden can just keep it together long enough to get elected. Trump has disgraced this nation so badly that most rational people would vote for a decent-smelling hobo or even a monkey rather than Trump. But probably not for Bernie Sanders.

  3. I checked with the commissar and “deep kimchee” is definitely disfavored.
    The acceptable expression, at least for now, is “deep chimp pee,” but its shelf life is still being debated.
    There is no decision yet on that other hoary old chestnut, “no worry, beef curry,” so use with caution.

  4. On the kimchee discussion, I think Patty, and no offense at all intended towards her, may have misunderstood your intent, Bob, in pointing out that ‘deep kimchee’ may offend some people. I got the impression that, as you pointed out in your comment, your intent was just to share information, not to pick on anyone.

    Regarding your column today on President Trump and Mr. Biden, I agree with every point that you made about them. I’ve tried to think fairly about President Trump, but his major mistakes and character flaws clearly prove he should be voted out.

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