Why didn’t I settle into Kauai when I came here 57 years ago?

Well, because it was a backwoods county then.  A lousy newspaper, no live theater, junk restaurants and no place really attractive to live except for Hanalei.

Today it’s fixed all that (but not traffic) AND is a great place to escape the Covid (see charts below) because of a mayor who seems to be way out ahead of the others of our counties in the virus battle. I get the feeling I’d like to have him making our state-wide rules.

Gov. Ige squelched Kauai mayor Kawakami’s plan to a 2-tier system for people coming ifrom outside. Claimed he’s run out of test kits. Ridiculous, but Ige gets the final word under our state emergency proclamation.

So here’s Kawakami’s new 4-tier plan that makes Oahu mayor Caldwell’s look like amateur hour:

In “Tier One,” the pre-travel program would not be allowed if the seven-day COVID-19 case average exceeds eight.

The second tier triggers the county to opt-out of the testing program and it forces the 14-day mandatory quarantine. This tier assumes that the seven-day average of daily COVID-19 cases are between five and eight cases.

The third tier would have a weekly average of two to four cases. This level of cases could allow travelers to skip quarantine if their pre-test is negative.

Kauai would be in “Tier Four” under the proposal with a seven-day average of fewer than two cases.

See the big difference? Kauai proposes going from least infections at the start to more infections later.  You keep Kauai at zero at the start and you stay open for business. You slack off, business closes down. Caldwell goes the other way. Worst to least. Kauai gives people protocol incentives at the beginning, not like us on Oahu. It can do that because it’s been more diligent than us from the start.

I’ll leave you with comparative statistics.


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