This Will Be The New Normal

I won’t be going to any movie theater until Covid-19 is dead and buried. Maybe not even afterward either. I’ve gotten too comfortable with movies at home by way of web streaming. It’s much cheaper. It’s less hassle. It’s probably the future.

The downside is that good, new movies such as Tenet won’t be immediately available online yet. But that will come. The studios will recognize the big home movie audience and the dwindling in-theater audience.

You can overspend on web movie streaming by signing up for too many providers. I’ve found everything I need at Netflix and Amazon Prime. I used a one-month trial price to see Hamilton, then canceled. Many providers offer a free trial week but they record your credit card and when you forget the week is up you’re paying $12.99 a month for a subscription!

My wife and I like action movies when there is no new, substantial fare like Hamilton available.

I haunted the web for a list of good ones, or said to be the best. Then checked our two providers for availability. I wanted to share my list with you — if you’re an action movie fan. We don’t go for too much unwarranted violence.

Deep Cover. This is a very good one I’d missed when it was in theaters. An undercover cop in drug-soaked Los Angeles. It’s an old one because principal actor Laurence Fishburne just listed himself as Larry Fishburne back then. It was obvious that he had the makings of a star. And the plot was complicated, the ending unexpected but it rang very true.

Uncut Gems. My wife bailed out, saying she could not get interested in the characters. I stayed on and am glad I did. This is an extraordinary piece of acting by Adam Sandler. You wonder why he preferred comedy over dramatic acting in his career. He gets right into the skin of a hyper-active Jewish jewel merchant in New York. Another complicated yarn and another surprise ending. Don’t be put off by its slow start.

Murder By Death. An oldie and a silly but very funny effort starring many people you know standing in for famous TV and movie detectives you know, all invited to a strange dinner in order to try and solve a murder. I’m not sure Peter Sellers could get away today with impersonating a Chinese with stilted language. And can you make fun of the deaf and the blind? Give yourself a laugh. They’ll be less frequent in future movies.

Ready Or Not. This ranks right up there with Get Out as a comfortable thriller with sanitized violence. A bride discovers that she is a family’s victim to hunt with guns, spears, axes and bow and arrow. I loved the ending! I’d seen it in the cinema but was happy to watch it again in the bedroom.

Blood Simple.  The 1984 noir crime film from the later-famous Coen brothers (did you know Joel Coen is married to actress Frances McDormand of Fargo fame?) The film’s title derives from Dashiell Hammett’s novel Red Harvest. This one is on everyone’s My Best Thriller Movies list.

Prisoners. Most critics say this one is almost too intense to watch but so damn good that you can’t stop watching. It’s a two-families revenge story.

Also on my list of thrillers are Sorcerer, Duel, Speed and Police Story. Children of Men tends to be classified as thriller/science fiction.

When those are expired, I’m going to move on to Jack Nicholson in that old classic Five Easy Pieces. Oh, and do see the late Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) in 42, the story of Jackie Robinson. It’s an excellent Boseman acting job and my next plan is to find the streaming movie in which he played Thurgood Marshall.

Plenty to not make me miss Consolidated or Regal. Cheaper. Better snack food such as a big bowl of Hawaiian honey-yoghurt gelato from La Gelateria.


Published by Bob Jones

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  1. Loved Clint Eastwood’s The Mule. Wonderful film on You Tube. Great sound track- ” Don’t let the Old Man In.”

  2. $1,200 a month is steep! Ha ha, I think that comma is supposed to be a decimal.
    I saw this movie Diggstown when I was younger and thought it was great. I was so young I might have been totally off, I have never met anyone else who saw it – other than my friends who went with me to the theater.

  3. I gave up on the box office long ago. My peeve is the captive audience. The five or six movie promos blasted at us and we are forced to sit through before what we paid for even starts. Theaters cannot parse them out, they are shown by contract agreement, definitely not by my agreement. Having worked in commercial TV studios, I have become very aware of commercials and despise them.

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