A case can be made that the best person to have had in the White House in these perilous Covid-China-Russia-Korea times would been Hillary Clinton.

She was a skilled manipulator of power levers and might have been the best president since FDR and LBJ. She knew how to gun things through the political messiness of Congress. Roosevelt had that skill and gave us Social Security. Johnson had that skill and gave us the Civil Rights Act.

Many people didn’t like FDR and LBJ but those two wooed them aboard. Many people didn’t like Hillary and she did not woo them aboard. She was a policy wonk and could not talk like a regular person. She seemed too focused on raising money for the Clinton Foundation. And like Melania, she stuck with her man in spite of ugly, public fidelity issues.

She did get 3 million more votes than Donald Trump but only the Electoral College votes count. She lost them where she needed fans to win them. She didn’t have fans. She only had hard-core Democrats.

She had promised to make the biggest investment  in jobs since World War II and proposed immigration reform with a pathway for citizenship. She had a plan to end the Syria war.

The Washington Post columnist Max Boot wrote of her: “I found her to be a charming conversationalist with a lot of interest in learning about defense issues. I did not detect her peddling any ideological agenda; she simply wanted to figure out the best course of action. The Hillary I met doesn’t match the ogre of Republican myth.”

But then she had those email problems, the Benghazi debacle — and Bill. And that wonky way of talking.

And she was dogged by writers such as Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry of the Public Policy and Ethics Center, who said “There’s no polite way to say this: Hillary Clinton is corrupt. There’s no other way to describe her speech-making and foundation fundraising from major corporations and foreign governments. In goes the cash. Out go the favors.”

Columnist Lisa Schiffren of the New York Daily News trashed her for “incessant lying to the public; vast personal greed leading to corruption in high office; abuse of power on behalf of herself and against private citizens and political rivals; disregard for the law, and the very idea of the Rule of Law; disdain for the ‘deplorable’ half of her opponent’s supporters, and the confession that she typically offers one position on policy and politics in private and another, often very different one, for public consumption.”

One day recently, my wife and I caught a rebroadcast of a Hillary interview on some current late night show and we were stunned. It was Hillary being a real person and talking like a real person. A thoroughly likable Hillary that even a Republican might be forgiven for voting for her.

But that wasn’t her during the 2016 election, and now her time is gone. Just Hillary and Bill living out what’s left in their New York house and about to be forgotten except for a big funeral when Bill dies.

It’s too bad. I can’t really see Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren or AOC, and certainly not Tulsi Gabbard in the White House.

Hillary, however, quite likely would have made it a beacon of good judgment, great alliances, and the muscle behind groundbreaking social legislation.



Published by Bob Jones

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  1. Hillary is fake, and acted as if she was better than everyone. That’s why she lost. Just like Hanabusa.

  2. Clinton would have won with one action. During the debates when Trump would shadow her if she had turned around and said “Is there something wrong with you. Go back to you podium.”.

  3. But the “progressive” geniuses just had to fall for Comrade Bernie’s woke scold shtick, then had a big collective tantrum and stayed home picking their pierced noses after reality hit. They got Trump elected and plunged this nation into chaos.
    Clinton’s distracting Dr. Evil pantsuits and clear disdain for the white working class males who had a little something to do with building this nation and aren’t quite irrelevant yet didn’t help her either.

  4. Hillary was a top notch candidate in every way. The nation has been hurt so much because she lost. The “deplorables” ARE deplorable. Let’s face it. Read the article in the latest Vanity Fair on the cult of Trump for proof of that. Nevertheless, her statement bugged people. It was like Obama’s comment about beleaguered rural people turning to guns and the Bible: sociologically accurate and true but annoying to some. Contrary to myth, American voters actually do not like someone who “tells it like it is,” especially if it can be construed as snobbery.

    It’s a fair point well stated that Clinton didn’t have avid fans so much as dedicated Democrats backing her. But my niece, an under 30 obstetrics nurse and midwife, was one of many young women of her generation who were real fans. Older women, even including some Seven Sisters Ivy College grads (à la Hillary’s Wellesley) not so much, which really surprised me.

  5. Not…..Hillary was a loser, surrounded by losers and the reason why we have That idiot Trump. I know many people that raised (in their own minds) logical reasons for voting for Trump…and all or most of these was because of the Clintons. People vote for a President based in large part due to likeability. They liked Trump with all his bs better than what was behind the curtain that Hillary was pushing! Hey Jones….why dont you run? Ill vote for you!

  6. I was horrified when Trump won the Republican Primary in 2016. I thought he was the only candidate Hillary could beat. Trump did not win the 2016 Presidential election, Hillary lost it.

  7. Hillary lost because her campaign was mismanaged. She lost close races in key states where she didn’t campaign much.

  8. Before those email problems, there was the Whitewater investigation. Insufficient evidence allowed Mrs. Clinton to avoid prosecution, but insufficient evidence does not equate innocence of any wrongdoing.

    Regarding the emails investigation, in the November 6, 2017 edition of ‘The Hill’, in an article titled, ‘Early Comey draft accused Clinton of ‘gross negligences’ on emails’, it’s stated that the term ‘gross negligence’ was used in an early draft of a memo. This term was later changed to “extremely careless”. In his statement to the public, Mr. Comey gave the definition of ‘gross negligence’ in describing Mrs.Clinton’s actions on the emails, but then said that these actions do not rise to gross negligence. They are just extreme carelessness. Again, allowed to avoid prosecution.

    Regarding the Benghazi investigation, it’s my understanding that the U.S. Ambassador to Benghazi repeatedly asked for an increase in security prior to the attack, but to no avail. This can be considered negligence on the part of Mrs. Clinton who was Secretary of State at the time of the attack.

    I think Mrs. Clinton is very intelligent, highly accomplished and can be likable, and I agree she may have accomplished great things as U.S. President. However, I think her major character flaw is that she doesn’t believe.the laws and morals that apply to the American people she wanted to serve, applies to her, too.

  9. Actually, the better candidate and much, much better President would have been Joe Biden. He would have brought caring, smarts, and the understanding of how to negotiate with the Congress. He carried a great deal of respect from both sides. But he was big-footed by the Clinton Juggernaut and the Democrats ran a fundamentally flawed candidate. I say that because Mrs. Clinton carried tons of baggage going back to her horribly mismanaged attempt at Healthcare reform in Bill’s first term. The voters just did not like her. Had she been elected, we likely would have seen a rerun of the Obama vs Congressional Republicans mess. The Right Wing would have spent the last four years pushing investigations. conspiracy theories and all the trash we heard during the campaign. Trump is horrific. Clinton would have been paralyzed. We got screwed. BUT that’s because too many Obama supporters stayed home. Clinton lost EVERY KEY state by less than 40,000 votes. We can only hope all the Never-Trumpers from all sides listen to Bernie and vote.

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