The Trump administration has been doing its darnedest to put the mark of Cain on “globalists” and weed them out of its entourage.

A globalists is defined as a person who advocates the interpretation or planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to events and developments throughout the world; advocating or practicing operations across national divisions.

In other words, those who realize that America is the elephant in the room and some attention needs to be paid to others’ views on economics and foreign affairs.

The golden era of globalization brought prosperity, but it also brought hubris. The Great Recession of the late 2000s, when frantic over-borrowing by people and governments, combined with cheap, easy and toxic financial instruments and weak regulation, led to a collapse that hollowed out personal savings and national reserves. The decade that followed saw a resurgence of protectionism; global trade patterns and foreign direct investment never really got their groove back.

More generally in the eyes of Trumpists, globalists are people who have spent too much time outside the United States and might have developed sympathies with countries that have issues with America.

I guess that certainly would include me, who has lived in and/or reported from a dozen countries, including some “bad” ones like Cuba, China and the former North Vietnam.

I love America and would not want to be a citizen elsewhere, but I also recognize our faults and why some others are peeved with us. We sometimes think that what’s good for us is good for everybody. We can’t tolerate anyone living under communism or a dictatorship (well, the latter’s okay if it’s in our economic or world-view interest, but not the former nohow.)

Trump has a thing about the State Department, where our people are by the nature of their work globalists. They are — like my daughter — tenured and so cannot be weeded out. She must rank as globalist of them all because she’s worked in Croatia, Kosovo, Vietnam, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Nepal, Fiji, and now in Australia’s capital, Canberra.

She’s lived in England while studying at the London School of Economics and Russia while doing a certificate in that language from Moscow University. That’s global on a grand scale!

But like me, she would not trade her American citizenship for anything.

Nevertheless, the right wing Rebel Media classified people such as us as “ruled by autocrats — such as President Obama, former President George W. Bush and the United Nations — who value the false flag of diversity and unchecked immigration from the third world.”

We also supposedly “want open borders, cheap labor and anti-nationalism to benefit business and political visions, and are all too willing to shaft the little people to achieve it.”

The radio talk-show host Alex Jones defines us as part of a “global digital panopticon control system engineered by shadowy corporate and political elites. The total form of slavery.”

Unfortunately, I don’t know what a “panopticon control system” is. And don’t care.

I wear the globalist badge with honor. I share, learn from others, argue where necessary and never say our way is the only way.

If that makes me an elitist enemy of the current gang in Washington, so be it.

I’m not about to close myself off from the other seven and a half billion people on the planet.


Published by Bob Jones

Journalist since age 19. St. Petersburg Times, Noticias y Viajes in Madrid, Overseas Weekly in Frankfurt and Paris, the Louisville Courier- Journal, the Honolulu Advertiser, KGMB-TV, NBC News foreign correspondent in Africa and Southeast Asia, and MidWeek columnist. LL.B LaSalle University Law. 3 years in the U.S. Air Force. Covered: Biafran War in Nigeria (1968) Vietnam War (1969-73), Iraq in 1991. George Foster Peabody Award for distinguished journalism for reporting in China. 2 Emmys for documentaries. Married to journalist Denby Fawcett; one daughter. Brett Jones, foreign service officer, State Department.

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