Our Congress is in a dither about a new federal Covid-19 unemployment top-off to support states which tend to have very minimal resources for large numbers of people out of work.

Democrats have a program. Republicans have a program. President Trump has another program in mind. The current federal top-off has expired and people are stuck with Hawaii’s $263 a week top payment. The federal $600 went bye-bye last week.

Australia is not dithering. And they call their recipients “job seekers” rather than “the unemployed.”

Read this and see how it’s done in places that get with it and help their people rather than retreat into political bickering.


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  1. I am intrigued by Australia. They seem to do things right. One mass murder, and they got a handle on the gun situation. And apparently they are handling financials for job seekers well. America injects Puritan guilt into the process. If I were twenty-four I would consider moving there, even though it is far too haole for me. I like living in multicultural Hawaii. But I am a very connected eighty-four, so no can do.

    Judging by my binge watching of “Offspring” on Netflix, Melbourne is the place for me, a shallow way to judge perhaps. But I like that city’s Parisian sidewalk café, Bohemian vibe—Kaimuki could become like that if Ed Kenney opened some more his out-of-the-conventional-box restaurants, but it’s not there yet. And if Book Ends in Kailua opened a bookstore in Kaimuki, all would be well in Kaimuki, especially if artists moved in. Maybe I will just visit Melbourne instead. And after savoring my experience, I could take the three-day train trip across the country to Perth, a nightmare to some, but not for me, as I do love trains. Of course I have no clue on how to get home to Honolulu from Perth.

    1. Hank, thanks for lightening the mood. I’ve always been intrigued by Australia since my co-worker told the story about being treated to free drinks in a bar when it was discovered that he was an American (U.S. Navy at the time). Plus I love train travel! Be well Hank & Bob too, of course.

  2. I enjoyed my families visit to Australia. The pictured Opera House was being completed. A young Wayne Newton was staying and performing in our hotel in Sydney. There has been brutal racism in Australia against the Aborigines since the British thieves arrived.I appreciate the gun control after the Tasmania incident. New Zealand has acted responsibly, too.Each country, much like Hawaii, are slow to recognize the value of listening to the indigenous people.

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