Is He A Goner?

The polls seem to be saying so. 50% approval for Biden and 36% for Trump. Of course the polls also showed a Hillary victory.

And then you have all those wealthy, powerful, influential big-business operators who may not love Trump but do love his tax cuts and deregulation and will spend their money on the devil they know will take care of their bottom line.

However, Trump seems to have lost hold of the reins of government. He’s started governing by executive order because he can’t get things through Congress. That will sour a lot of his supporters both wealthy and in poverty because the courts are no longer giving him a free ride. He’s been slapped down for diverting billions from Defense to build sections of his border wall with Mexico. So much for “Mexico will pay for it.” Americans will have to pay forward — and back-pay as well

His not-well-thought-out play for better relations with North Korea went totally off script. Al Assad ended up  in control of Syria, mainly because Trump said he did not like the Kurds and that they just stood around while we did the bombing. Russia’s totally ensconsed  in Syria now and able to hook up that country with Iran — another client state.

Now he wants the Supreme Court to toss out Obamacare. His own base depends on Obamacare for affordable medical services and coverage for their children through early adulthood. They may not love it theoretically  because it is a form of national healthcare, but without it they cannot afford what insurance companies charge in a open market with no controls.

He has not brought back coal or coal jobs.

His former national security adviser has dissed him in a new book, and next month his niece’s book calls him The World’s Most Dangerous Man.

Oh, and the Covid-19 infections and deaths are piling up while he says no problem, I’ve got this all under control and without a mask.

Okay, so I don’t like the man or his policies. But I could live with both (I survived G.W.) if I didn’t see him fumbling about for meaningful governance. If only he had made a great bringing-us-together speech at Tulsa. But he’s no Lincoln at Gettysburg. My wife always points out that Abe read everything he could get his hands on so he could better understand Americans and their hopes and dreams.

Inside people say Trump isn’t much for reading. He watches TV.

Remember Chance Gardiner (Peter Sellers) in the movie Being There?

“I like to watch.”


Published by Bob Jones

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3 replies on “Is He A Goner?”

  1. What is missing in your narrative is nepotism, son-in-law Zionist Jared, pushing for illegal, immoral actions for Israel, such as increased illegal settlements, approval of Golan Heights which belongs to Syria, the movement of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the violation of International Law and Palestinian human rights. Since I have visited the area and know people there, I follow closely Israels illegal actions. Also, I disagree with your assessment of Assad of Syria. Imagine the US Gov. trying to create more chaos by removing Assad as they did Sadam, whom the US once supported. I think that 3.8 Billion or so yearly to Israel could better go to America’s unemployed and to heal our nation. Yes, Trump must Go! He has proven to be totally unfit, as well as his cabinet!

  2. I feel that you are right about Trump. He never ceases to amaze and disgust me. He retweeted a racist video that shows a man riding in a golf cart with Trump stickers through a retirement community in Florida. He keeps yelling “WHITE POWER”. They yelled back “WHERES YOUR HOOD?” Trump loved it and referred to the retirees as the radical left.

  3. Chills. I too thought Hilary would win. Ironically, I was a volunteer at the State Capital when the news came in. So tell me, what do I do? I’ve written e-mails and donated more than ever. Even brought it up with family. Yikes! There are 2 Trump supporters among us!

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