New Lawsuits Against Hawaii Schools/Church

Two more civil lawsuits have been filed alleging child sex abuse. These name Punahou School and the Hawaii Preparatory Academy plus the Episcopal Church.

The window has now closed for  civil actions for sexual abuse alleged to have happened when the plaintiffs were minors and — in these cases, school students.

The allegations against Punahou were filed by attorneys Randall Rosenberg, Charles McKay and Rodger Hoffman on behalf of a plaintiff identified only as “John Doe.” One of the defendants is a 1975 biology teacher at the school, Bruce Marnie, who no longer lives here. The plaintiff was a 9th grader in Marnie’s class. The suit claims Marnie invited several students to his nearby apartment, plied “John Doe” with alcohol and marijuana and then there was “fondling, oral sex and attempted penetration.”

The suit claims the school knew Marnie was doing unsupervised, inappropriate visits by students to his apartment and did nothing.

The other suit, also by Rosenberg and McKay, names both Hawaii Preparatory Academy and the Episcopal Church in Hawaii on behalf of a former student identified only as R.H. It alleges the abuser to be former dorm advisor Peter Ogilvy but does not name him as a defendant — just the school and the church. It says Ogilvy was the brother of a ranking bishop in the church and thus was given protection when the sexual allegations arose.

It claims that on many occasions Ogilvy would come to the dorm after lights out time and masturbate the student under the covers of the student’s bed. The allegation is that Ogilvy had similar encounters with other students, who reported him, but the school did nothing.

The lawsuit says the church is named because it has retained oversight of the non-profit school to insure proper teaching of the tenets of the Episcopal religion.

This alleged sexual abuse case is said to be from 1962. It and the Punahou suit are filed under a special legislative action which extended the statute of limitations on past cases just brought to attorneys by  allegedly abused students or church members.

Published by Bob Jones

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