We Need To Get Tougher

The photo below by the Star-Advertiser’s Dennis Oda was at Ehukai Beach Park. Social non-distancing. It matches what I saw yesterday on a moped ride past Queen’s Beach enroute to Makapuu and back for some fresh air. Many dozens of cars, people under canopies grilling and picnicking, beach groups. Like a normal Sunday.

I saw one police car, but it was sitting mauka of the highway near Sandy’s

My daughter is a diplomat in Australia and sent me this notice of how strict the police there have become about the stay-at-home order. Now you can’t even go for a drive:

Top cop says Australians will be fined for ‘blatantly’ being on the road in coronavirus lockdown even if they don’t set foot outside

  • Queensland police warned anyone just going for a drive could be fined
  • Even if you don’t leave the car, it breaks coronvirus lockdown rules that the state
  • Other states cracking down too as Victorian teen on driving lesson got $1,652
  • A couple were fined $2,000 for sitting in their car in the NSW Hunter Region.

I’m shocked at our state’s casual stay-at-home approach. Also, if we have to allow tourists in from other states because of the Constitution, why don’t we have mandated, supervised quarantine rather than the current “self-quarantine” rule? That’s asking for viral exposure!

We need more workers in some critical positions but Gov. Ige is afraid of offending the public worker unions by assigning them new jobs instead of furloughing them with pay — something you sure don’t get if you’re a laid-off restaurant worker or barista.

We won’t beat this thing with half-assed measures.

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  1. David avoids Target and Costco during kupuna hour because of the crowds of people, who claim they are old or sick. They look young and healthy to him. He usually shops at Sack n Save where there are only about 15 shoppers in the whole store during kupuna hour. And this store is usually well stocked with meat, something you cannot say about Target and Costco.

    David’s brother and family are supposed to arrive in Hawaii on May 21. They were told to contact Hawaiian Airlines 30 days prior to their departure to see if their flight is canceled. At the rate things are going, they will probably have to cancel their trip to Hawaii. They also planned to travel to the Canadian Rockies in July and take a cruise down the Danube River in September. All will probably have to be canceled.

    When will this nightmare end?

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