Coronavirus Pandemic Takes Toll On Newspaper Industry

P.S. Since this post appeared at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 4, the Star-Advertiser’s publisher has publicly acknowledged the revenue loss ($3.4 million), and furloughs and reduced hours among the paper’s 78 journalists. Nothing yet about MidWeek’s suspension of all its paid columnists. 

Something I found very odd today: did you, too?

The Star-Advertiser ran a half-page AP story about newspapers either folding or cutting staff due to limited advertising during the Covid-19 shut-downs. Lots of specific papers on the mainland mentioned.

But not a word about here! MidWeek suspended all its paid columnists/contributors. According to Honolulu Civil Beat, the Star-Advertiser has furloughed/cut workdays of staff.

Why would you run a story about newspaper predicaments elsewhere without mentioning your own?

An odd practice of journalism, don’t you think?

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3 replies on “Coronavirus Pandemic Takes Toll On Newspaper Industry”

  1. Bob the news is in the interwebb. You may see the NY times reprint but the same stories are usually political or not local. Most people also want to have ads and entertainment.
    You give more than the mass media. The StarAd is online but overhead so high it will have to cut staff. Sports first and then entertainment info.
    Civilbeat can run well backed by a billionaire and some small donations (I give). If they were also in a larger market the reach would be great. In fact they should do it now in five large markets. NY, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and DC. They are in a place to hire and go for it.

  2. Despite the layoffs at the Star-Advertiser, I notice that they rehired Dave Reardon and Curtis Maruyama as staff writers. Reardon is a wonderful writer, so I am glad to read his columns. He has a way with words.

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